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In a Puppy Course/ Basic Course, you’ll be introduced to the important basics of how dogs learn, and build
the foundation for basic obedience and life skills.



This course is perfect for puppies over 5 months old who have not attended a Puppy Course. It’s also great if you have recently brought home an adult dog, and you need to lay the foundation for everyday obedience in a fun and positive way.

You’ll be introduced to the important basics of how dogs learn, and how to develop good behavior by rewarding it. You’ll get to practice playing games and other fun exercises with your dog, all with the purpose of strengthening your bond and communication.

We’ll focus on:
● Body handling, to practice feeling comfortable while being examined at the vet,
groomed, washed, etc.

● Contact games to develop your communication and relationship.
● Leash walking exercises that will help with everyday life.
● Practicing calm behavior in a variety of environments and situations.
● Recall.
● Exercises to teach your dog how to greet nicely without jumping up.
● Activation. We’ll talk about the importance of fun activation, and you’ll get some good
activation tips to take with you into everyday life.
● Training around other dogs, which is a great challenge and training in and of itself.

Between our games and exercises, we’ll discuss leadership, dog body language, stress, and wellness.

You’ll also learn more about environmental training, socialization, and mental activation in everyday life. You’ll get the opportunity to ask questions, and to make new connections with other local dog parents.
This is the beginning for you and your dog. You’ll lay a good foundation for everyday life, which you can continue to build and develop.
Dogs 5 months and up are welcome to join. The Puppy Course and Basics Course can sometimes be combined depending on how many are registered for each course.

Maximum 6 dogs                     Book your course below!

Valpkurs Stockhom Urban dogs
Om oss

Vi på Urban dogs är utbildade och diplomerade hundinstruktörer, med dig och din hund i fokus.

Vi tränar med positiv förstärkning och belöningsbaserad hundträning. Vi är alla medlemmar i Sveriges Hundföretagare.


2 390 kr

SUNDAY 16th of MAY




Vasaparken Sunday 16 May 

Vasaparken Sunday 23 May 

Vasaparken Sunday 30 May 

Vasaparken Sunday   6 June

Vasaparken Sunday 13 June 


Instructor: Kelly Baldwin


Valpkurs Hässelby Stockholm Urban Dogs

The Corona virus and how it affects our Dog courses

At the moment, we are continuing to hold our courses with the precautions described below. These rules apply starting on 2020-12-20.
● We have all of our courses outdoors, so it is easy to keep a safe distance from one another.
● The puppy course, which normally starts indoors, now takes place entirely outdoors.
● We have a maximum of 2 people per dog at each course.
● We are always checking Folkhälsomyndighetens information and guidelines, and if anything should change, you will be informed.
● Cancellation of course due to student illness: A cancellation due to illness should be communicated at least 2 hours before the start-time. You will then receive a refund of your course fee with a 20% deduction for administrative costs. You can also choose to take the course at a later time. You will then receive a voucher, which is valid for one year from the date you paid for the course.
● Cancellation of course due to teacher illness: If any of our course leaders have any symptoms of illness, they will of course stay at home. Either the course will be moved to a new date, or a substitute will be appointed. You may also be offered another course as an alternative. As a last resort, you will receive back a course fee for the remaining sessions.

We are working to solve this in the best way possible, so that everyone feels comfortable.

If you’d like to discuss the issue further, please feel free to call or email Lotta Norman at
lotta.norman@urbandogssthlm.se / 0707 99 49 83